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Our Total IT Solution includes all the IT Services you need to help your organisation be competitive, cost effective and responsive. If we don't supply a service directly we will organise and manage that service for you through one of our trusted partner companies.



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Mexam technologies is one of the Toledo's premier IT service, consultancy and support providers, We improve organizations’ operations, large and small, through our selected services, delivering security, mobility and productivity. We pride ourselves on offering unrivalled levels of both expertise and service, at Mexam technologies Solutions. We provide a varied range of solutions for all sizes of company, from the five-user office to the large global enterprise, across all sectors. Our extensive and varied experience allows us to offer our clients a wide range of systems and services which maximizes efficiency, increases productivity and delivers security, while also being cost-effective and adding real business value. Mexam technologies can provide maintenance, service, and support for all of your IT systems. We can even arrange for the hardware and equipment your office requires, whether it’s an upgrade or you’re setting up a new office from scratch. Bundle our services together, or choose the services your business needs today. Mexam technologies has developed an approach to help cut costs quickly and sustain these savings over time. Viewed as a leader in information management, Mexam technologies is increasingly the partner of choice for companies wanti

We can show you how to make or save money using the smartest systems on the planet. We offers a guarantee on our services no one can beat us. We can help you to make the smartest decisions about their IT - anything from server and network purchases and upgrades, cloud hosting, IT consulting, datacenter solutions and any other IT services. We are specialist in IT technology and can help your business's IT setup to save money and be more productive.

A leading IT solution provider and currently at the forefront of web technologies to serve the people across the world. We spread our wings in the business of Application Development, Web Designing & Multimedia, Corporate Identity, Custom Internet Solutions / E-Commerce, Product Development & Support, Applications Re-engineering.

Server room and desktop support: We offer PC support 24/7 for workstations and servers. We provide IT consultancy to business too. All of our IT Support plans are customized to fit your needs so that you can worry less about IT and spend more time running your business.